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Eazy Sculler's Guide to Mastery™

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Below are listed the titles of the different videos that make up the Eazy Sculler’s Guide to Mastery™.  These are just to enable you, more easily, to find your way around the Sculling Academy™ once you are in.  Needless to say, there is a lot more subject matter within each video than can be summarized in a title. The videos vary hugely in length.  Some are short and sweet.  Others are long and detailed.

But I’ve listed them here to give you some idea of what you will be getting when you enrol.  Add the information contained here and in my taster course videos and the video above and you should be able to see what incredible value this course is.  There is much material here that you will find nowhere else, whether in books, courses, videos on YouTube, anywhere!

Module 1
Learning to scull
Names of Boat Parts
Turning using stream
Technique & Feedback
Fault correction
Biomechanical principles
The System

Module 2
Racing Single Scull
Trimming the boat
Boat handling
Weighing the handle
Quiet days – humour me on this
Avoiding Illness
Injury & how to avoid it
Different types of pain
Looking after your back
Drill Myths
The Finish

Module 3
Basic Adjustments
The Front End Connection
Recovery Phase
Rough Water Sculling

Module 4
Measuring Pitch & Height
Submarine Analogy
Power Phase
Useful Exercises
Training Priorities

Module 5
Effects of Pitch
Tin Soldiers
Squared Blade Feet Out
Cutting the Cake
Straight Arm Paddling
Putting it together – Racing Start
Typical Outing

Module 6
Curse of Squared Blade
Oar, Gate & Pin Pitch
Performance Arousal Curve
Crew Sculling
Crew Sculling 2
Kit +
Adjusting Lateral Pitch

Module 7
New Exercise
Gearing adjustments
Slippy Handles

Ian Wilson interview
Racing Diary Entries
Ergo Ergas Ergat

The way the Lazy Sculler’s Guide to Mastery™ was structured you would only have gained access to a new module every 30 days, the idea being to give you plenty of time to assimilate and practise what I taught you (and to give me 30 days to create the next module!)

However, the EAZY SCULLER’S GUIDE™ is delivered weekly.  So it is a lot to take in and I recommend that you work through it methodically. If you are already experienced you will more quickly be able to go straight to the area that you believe will be of most benefit to you right now.

The other difference between the Lazy & the Eazy Sculler’s Guides is that the former was available for life for a lump sum in advance but the latter is accessible as long as you want to keep paying for access.  That will vary from one individual to another. But whatever, it should be long enough for you to make the necesssary progress and you cannot unlearn what I teach you, can you?