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Here’s What You Are Going to Get

 You will get access to the LAZY SCULLER’S GUIDE TO MASTERY™ membership area containing modules that you can download each fortnight containing well over 50 videos.  So far you have only watched 8 short videos! If you had access to all this material at once you would probably suffer from overwhelm!  Too much information.

The video instruction sequence that was in the Simple Sculling System™ with the basic drills for learning sculling from scratch is included, of course, for revision purposes.

You get a complete description of every part of the stroke with details of:

  • How it should look
  • How it should feel – very important
  • How to learn each part
  • How to perfect each part
  • Drills specific to each element
  • Several ways to integrate each part into the complete stroke

This is a huge component of the course. For example the description of just the finish takes almost 20 minutes. There is a lot to think about. And I’ve divided the stroke into 5 parts!

You will get a complete series of exercises designed to take you through a logical progression so that you are able to fix the proper technique without the skill breaking down.

You will get tips on avoiding illness and injury so you are able to enjoy the sport. Once you injure yourself you could be out of action for ages so it is best avoided.

You’ll get advice on different types of pain so you can distinguish between good and bad pain and in particular look after your back. Very important.

You are going to learn about different kinds of feedback so you can improve more quickly.

You will learn about boats, sculls and rigging, basic and advanced adjustments.

You will learn the importance of mindset. You need to know where you want to go with all this. You need clarity.

I’ll teach you about physiology and you’ll see how it underpins everything that I teach.

And much, much more.  You see, as with life, sculling is a journey, a voyage of discovery. Furthermore, as with life, the journey is more important than the destination.

Here’s what Sculling Academy’s™

Lazy Sculler’s Guide to Mastery™ is going to do for you

Make massive improvements in technique and efficiency so you go faster for less effort & go further for the same effort and this will help you to win races if you are a racer

  • You’ll master every individual aspect of sculling because you’ll be able to copy the models that I give you.
  • So much of what you see going on around you is incorrect, that it is easy to end up with a blurred and fuzzy impression of what you are supposed to be doing. The picture that I paint for you will be so clear that you’ll be able to reproduce it faithfully when you follow the simple steps that I give you. You really need that clear picture fixed in your mind. That’s why I make the effort to go to Henley Royal Regatta each year see good practice and to reinforce that image in my own mind of what good technique looks like. And I also have a favourite video of a quad sculling that I watch now and then for the same reason.
  • Sculling Academy™ will help you develop a smooth, clean and effective style that suits your body. Good technique is the solution to improvement in your performance. While your body is the engine, technique is your transmission and the Sculling Academy™ system will enable you to transmit your power to the boat efficiently resulting in more speed for the same effort or less effort for the same speed.
  • So you will gradually, effortlessly & painlessly increase your speed through increased efficiency and naturally increased power. I’ll explain how this happens so you can programme your training according to your goals and your body’s responses to the training.
  • You’ll be able to join up the dots and put together all of the elements of sculling that I’ve mentioned and others that I haven’t even touched upon so nobody can see the joins. You’re going to thrill spectators with fluid, seamless sculling that is a delight to behold and a joy to execute.

Take the shortest, safest route, reducing the risks of travelling backwards, as we do, by acquiring the knack of knowing where you are and where to be and by developing a sixth sense for danger so that you are both quick and safe

  • You’ll learn how to stop taking the scenic route, sculling into the bank or other vessels. After all, steering is a crucial part of sculling. It has to become automatic.
  • You’re going to learn how to steer your way to success without getting a crick in your neck.

Learn the most effective training methods. There is a lot of tripe talked about training and so a huge amount of time is wasted doing the wrong things. From now on training will be a joy.

  • You’re going to get to grips with physiology, how the body works and adapts to training, and discover why certain training methods are not just useless but positively detrimental to your performance.
  • You can abandon training methods you hate. They don’t work anyway!
  • I’m going to explode three classic coaching myths and show you how bucking the trend and being a maverick can bring you results.

The truth about ergos. We know that they don’t float. But that is too glib a repost for those of us who detest them. I’ll show you what they are really for and how to use them to your advantage.

  • You’ll discover how to beat an ergo World Record holder. I did. On the water, easily!
  • But more than that you’ll begin to understand ergos and their purpose. You’ll learn the good, the bad and the ugly facts about ergos and recognise a good ergo from a poor one.
  • I’ll show you the typical mistakes that people often make on ergos, why they make them and why you mustn’t. Then I’ll show you what you should do on an ergo.

Fitness is useless without health. Health & fitness are often mentioned in the same breath but they are distinct and you must learn to differentiate between them so that you are healthy when you need to perform.

  • Sculling Academy™ will help you make a habit of conditioning your body parts, so as to avoid injury, and to prepare your body for training.
  • You’ll figure a way to listen to your body and diagnose stress so you recover properly from training or illness so that you can have largely uninterrupted enjoyment of this great sport.
  • And you’re going to love this: your body shape will almost certainly improve, whether you’re fat, thin or in between! You don’t see many single scullers with a muffin top, do you?
  • However, you’ll learn to be happy with your physical assets and to capitalise on your body dimensions. Every body is different.
  • One of the side effects of exercise generally, but rowing and sculling in particular is a reduced risk of heart attack and an increased ability to survive a heart attack. How good is that? I’ll explain why.
  • Food is fuel but it is not just fuel; it is also nutrition. You’ve got to eat healthily. You can be malnourished yet not hungry! So if you feel you need to go on a diet, don’t go on a diet. Change your diet. I’ll teach you how to prepare for different types of competition and the repercussions of not doing so.

You’ll learn when you are most vulnerable in the boat so you take extra special care at this time. Surprisingly this is a clothing issue.

  • Sculling Academy™ will show you what kit to wear in different conditions.
  • Discover what kit is good for sculling and what is dangerous.
  • I’ll demonstrate one of the most risky activities in a boat and show how to minimise that risk.

Boats – choice, rig, care – 3 vital factors for success

  • You’ll be equipped to choose the right boat and go faster without any extra effort. I wasted 13 of my best years because a boat builder sold me a boat that was wrong for me. Don’t make that mistake. And adapt your boat and sculls to fit you. You & they are part of a system that you must tune perfectly. Your boat should fit you like a Saville Row suit.
  • Sculling Academy™ will encourage you to take responsibility for rigging your boat properly. Many technical faults can be attributed to rigging errors. I’ll teach you how to rig your boat.
  • Final speed is the sum of a multitude of tiny parts and simple but obvious things like the condition of your boat matter. You will receive guidance on how to maintain, store & transport your boat safely so it lasts well and doesn’t get damaged and so helps you to go fast.

Mechanics & Biomechanics are just big words for obvious things. I’ll debunk them for you so you can understand why you should do some things and not others.

  • There are two fundamental principles that underpin biomechanics. You’re going to learn how to apply these to your sculling and reap the benefits of improved efficiency.
  • I’ll teach you the language of mechanics so that it makes sense for you and you understand the whys and the wherefores instead of blindly following instructions.

Mind games. You’ll learn how the mind affects the body in positive and negative ways so that you can turn everything to your advantage.

  • Don’t let fear come between you and the enjoyment of sculling.
  • Sculling Academy will transform any dread of going sculling in a single into eager anticipation of every outing because of the sheer pleasure that you will derive from it and the elimination of the fear of falling in.
  • You will stop banging your thumbs together and scraping the skin off your knuckles.
  • I’ll give you an understanding of other psychological barriers that may be in your way and show you how to overcome them. If you don’t already have the necessary psychological tools, I will give them to you and train you how to use them. The result will be that you will gain much more satisfaction from your achievements.
  • You’ll learn at least 5 psychological secrets to help you win races.

Sculling Academy™ will show you the Crew Sculling Secrets that can turn athletes into winners without any extra training. It’s so simple and yet so hard to do.

  • You are also going to learn about crew sculling and what makes a crew go really fast.
  • And you’ll discover how to select the best crew without the help of a coach, just impartial bystanders.

It’s easy if you know how.

  • In short, you are going to sky-rocket your racing performances to international standard (if that is what you want) in less than 42 years, which is what it took me! It needn’t have!
  • Take the short cuts. I’ll teach them to you. Enrol in Sculling Academy’s™ LAZY SCULLERS GUIDE TO MASTERY™ NOW!
  • Remember that you have an unconditional 90 day guarantee. If at any time during the first 90 days you decide that Sculling Academy™ is not absolutely awesome and so you would like a refund then just let me know, I will give you your money back and you will still be able to keep everything you have downloaded up until then. It is my way of thanking you for giving it a try.