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Welcome to Sculling Academy™ where you are going to get the very best advice on sculling available on-line today. You should be able to access the Simple Sculling System™ directly by clicking on the link below. But please make a note of this url: and please check your emails to retrieve your username and password. If you do not see any emails then please check your junk folder. And it may take a while to appear in your inbox! But it will arive.

If you have any technical difficulty with access to the content then please email me at and I will do my level best to resolve any issues that you encounter.

Click this link to gain access to the Simple Sculling System™ now.

Originally the Simple Sculling System™ was delivered over a few days but I have decided to make it all available to you in one go. Nevertheless you may well receive reminder emails in the coming days.

Bear in mind that the Sculling Academy™ course is only the first step on your journey as a sculler. It is a foundation course. It covers basic skills that you need to learn properly at the outset. Enjoy.