Sculling Academy
Training v Racing 1km
Training v Racing 1km

This is really a bonus video from the (Lazy) Sculler’s Guide to Mastery. I will be removing it on my return from the World Rowing Masters Regatta in Bled, mid September 2017. But in the mean time I am making a special offer to members of Sculling Academy’s Simple Sculling System of 50% off the main Sculling Academy Course, the Lazy Sculler’s Guide to Mastery. Click on the banner below to gain access NOW.

This is what you will be getting:

Module 1
Learning to scull
Names of Boat Parts
Turning Using Stream
Technique & Feedback
Fault Correction
Biomechanical Principles
The System

Module 2
Racing Single Scull
Trimming the Boat
Boat Handling
Weighing the Handle
Quiet Days – Humour me on this
Avoiding Illness
Injury & How to Avoid It
Different Types of Pain
Looking After Your Back
Drill Myths
The Finish

Module 3
Basic Adjustments
The Front End Connection
Recovery Phase
Rough Water Sculling

Module 4
Measuring Pitch & Height
Submarine Analogy
Power Phase
Useful Exercises
Training Priorities

Module 5
Effects of Pitch
Tin Soldiers
Squared Blade Feet Out
Cutting the Cake
Straight Arm Paddling
Putting it together – Racing Start
Typical Outing

Module 6
Curse of Squared Blade
Oar, Gate & Pin Pitch
Performance Arousal Curve
Crew Sculling
Crew Sculling 2
Kit +
Adjusting Lateral Pitch

Module 7
New Exercise
Gearing Adjustments
Slippy Handles
Key Tip for Steering when Racing

Ian Wilson interview
Racing Diary Entries
Ergo Ergas Ergat
Myself Racing Myself
Training v Racing 1000m, which is the video you can see above, but is only available here for a limited time.

The way the course is currently structured you will gain access to a new module every 14 days giving you plenty of time to assimilate and practise what I have taught you, hopefully without becoming overwhelmed by too much information at once!

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  1. Sharon Peralta
    6 years ago

    I enjoyed this video. I learnt that I need to increase my rating to stand a chance in the Masters race I’m doing on the 22nd October. I’m way off the pace. I already knew that I have to be quicker at the start to keep up with the other boats. My biggest problem at this time is increasing my power as I am a lightweight tower and everyone seems to get away from me.

    • cStephen
      6 years ago

      I’m a superlightweight Sharon. The first stroke takes a relatively long time because the boat is stationary. But you don’t need the second stroke to be long and you need to move fast on the slide and get your blades in quickly without hesitation. That first recovery sets the rating and you just carry on from there. You can try practicing recoveries without taking any strokes in order to get that immediacy. Get the blades straight into the water. Don’t waste any time thinking about it.